Preserving and Implementing Water Fluoridation in Your Community: A Community Toolkit!

The Fluoridation Community Toolkit

Whether you have a great deal of knowledge about community water fluoridation or none at all, this Toolkit is for you!
What are the most effective messages for gaining support? Who are your allies and how do you engage them? How do you build community support? The answers can be found in this Toolkit.
It is web-based and designed for community members, coalitions, and anyone who needs tools and guidance to prevent a rollback of water fluoridation and to implement fluoridation! The Toolkit is designed to let you “enter” at different stages of readiness and understanding of water fluoridation, and is chock full of downloadable resources on how to:
  • Talk about water fluoridation
  • Meet with policymakers
  • Build community support
  • Identify key allies
  • Understand and respond to the opposition
Many of the tools were created as part of water fluoridation campaigns implemented over the past three years in both urban and rural communities, funded by the DentaQuest Foundation and developed by Health Resources in Action. Some of the tools are brand new and others were adapted from existing tools and templates.
The Community Toolkit is available at