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Fluoridation Action Team

The Oral Health Florida Fluoridation Action Team is comprised of members of the statewide oral health coalition
who are interested in promoting and defending community water fluoridation (CWF).

Chair – Deborah Nastelli, MS, CRDH

CWF Presentations 2016

Community Water Fluoridation Video Winner – Cydnee Dennison – George Washington University Online MPH Program

Water Fluoridation: Reviewing the Evidence
Anne-Marie Glenny
A Tale of 2 Evidence-Based Reviews: Current Evidence on Community Water Fluoridation
Howard Pollick
A Tale of 2 Evidence‐Based Reviews: Current Evidence on Community Water Fluoridation
Jay Kumar

Research and Information

Fluoridation Guidelines and Checklist
Fluoridation Tool Kit
Community Water Fluoridation for Better Health
2015 OHF Water Fluoridation Flyer
May 29, 2015 – Water Fluoridation Benefits
May 29, 2015 – Fluoridation Resources
May 29, 2015 – Community Water Fluoridation PowerPoint Presentation
May 2014 Fluoridation Update
2012 Water Fluoridation Statistics
Florida’s Fluoridation Awards
2013 CDC Community Water Fluoridation Resources
Water Fluoridation Tool Kit
I Like My Teeth: Fluoridation Website
Fluoride Science
Florida Department of Health Policy Statement