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Videos in Support of Community Water Fluoridation

Official Fluoridation Support

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murth’s Video in Support of Community Water Fluoridation

A school nurse, teacher, pediatrician and others talk about the benefits of community water fluoridation

ADA Fluoridation Videos

Fluoride to the Rescue with Dr. Jane Gillette

Dr. Seymour and ADA Address Unreliable Claims About Water Fluoridation

Brighter Futures Michigan: Fluoridated Water – Tap into it! 

Did you know an estimated 200 million people drink and cook with fluoridated water every day? Check out the new informative Fluoridated Water—Tap into it! video from Brighter Futures Michigan on the safety and benefits of community water fluoridation.

Campaign for Dental Health

How Fluoride Works

CDC’s CWF Grand Rounds Video and
Presentation Slides

The video from the December session of CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds, “Community Water Fluoridation: A Vital 21st Century Public Health Intervention” held on Tuesday, December 17.  This Grand Rounds session focused on CWF as a community-wide strategy that remains important for maintaining and promoting oral health.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental has released a new series of videos about the value of fluoride and water fluoridation. The videos help to answers common questions about fluoride and provide valuable information about how it can benefit oral health. Topics discussed in the series include the history of fluoride, fluorosis, opposition to fluoride, and incorporating fluoride.

History of Fluoride

Opposition to Fluoride

Incorporating Fluoride

Delta Dental on Fluorosis

Dr. Bill Kohn on Community Water Fluoridation

Healthcare Triage

Fluoride in the Water Isn’t Going to Hurt You

Florida Dental Association

The Florida Dental Association created 4 videos about fluoridation that are posted on its YouTube page

Fluoride Science

Community Water Fluoridation & Caries Prevention in Adults video at bottom of page.

Pew Charitable Trusts

Fluoride in Our Water: Facts You Need to Make a Healthy Choice – With so many confusing ideas out there, a lot of choices we make for our health can be difficult. Deciding to drink tap water with fluoride though should be easy. As of January 2015, states and communities have been adjusting the level of fluoride in public water systems for 70 years—which makes this a great time to look at facts.

Salina Dental Society

Child Fluoride Commercial
Doctors Words of Wisdom
Freelove Commericial
Keep Fluoride Salina Child
Keep Fluoride Salina doctors
Keep Fluoride Salina Woman

Sheridan, WY

This City of Sheridan, WY created a video related to the addition of fluoride to the city water supply.

State of Vermont

The Vermont Department of Health has two videos. One is a general PSA and the second “The Science behind Community Water Fluoridation” features Vermont State Toxicologist Sarah Vose discussing the science behind community water fluoridation.

U.S. Surgeon General

U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murth’s Video in Support of Community Water Fluoridation