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Sealant Action Team

The Oral Health Florida Sealant Action Team is comprised of members of the statewide Oral Health Coalition that are interested in implementing or improving school-based dental sealant programs across the state, regardless of agency or affiliation. The team was developed by Oral Health Florida in 2011 and is interested in promoting cost-efficient workforce and service delivery models of preventive dental care.

We focus on:

  • Providing updated resources and information to improve existing School-based sealant Program and implement additional programs throughout the state and across agencies. This includes technical assistance regarding screening standards; protocols, data collection tools, portable dental equipment, and sealant application.
  • Completing data collection yearly to show the increase of services and programs across the state and across agencies.
  • Providing training on various topics related to school-based oral health care including data collection and screen protocols.

The Sealant Action Team also meets face-to-face at the Annual Oral Health Florida Educational Conference.

Christina Vracar, DA, MPH –
Kimberlee McCarren –

Research and Information

Calibration Training Presentation HANDOUT
Oral Health Florida Sealant Action Team BSS Training Agenda
Basic Screening Survey Coding Examples
Basic Screening Survey Training