2018 Conference

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The 2018 Oral Health Florida Conference: Shaping the Future of Oral Health

Conference Program

Reframing Oral Health

New research by the Frameworks Institute shows that there is little understanding of the connection between oral health and overall health and well-being. This session introduces key recommendations for framing oral health and access to oral health care and provides guidance to participants in applying these recommendations to their own communications.

Fluoridation Update & Tablet Delivery

In 1949, the Florida Board of Health endorsed community water fluoridation (CWF) and the City of Gainesville became the first community to provide CWF to its citizens in Florida. Since then more than one communities and water systems have decided to initiate CWF. We will discuss where Florida is currently with access to CWF and how do we move forward as a state.

Fluoridation tablets are designed to be an easy to use, less messy way to properly fluoridate small to medium sized municipal water sites. Learn more about this new technology to deliver fluoride to a community water system.

FLOSS Report & Oral Health Surveillance

This presentation will provide information on data from the 2016-2017 FLOSS survey that School-Based Sealant Programs completed. Updates from the Third Grade Oral Health Screening Project and other oral health data will be provided as well.

A Faith-Based Approach to Oral Health Education

Study Guide National

This session will provide an overview of a study guide created specifically for Black congregations entitled, “Developing a Practical Theology of Health … with TEETH” and provide information about study guide training workshops held in Florida.

Strategies to Improve Access to Dental Care

Panelists will provide an overview of their area of expertise and encourage participants to consider how each strategy can improve access to dental care. Topics include: