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Professional Resources in Florida

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Welcome to Florida USA

Have questions about oral health in Florida? We’ve compiled Florida-specific data with additional oral health organizations, resources, tools, and education.

Higher Education

Florida Entry-Level Dental Hygiene Programs

LECOM College of Dental Medicine

Nova Southeastern University, College of Dental Medicine

University of Florida, College of Dentistry


Oral Health Coalitions

Florida Oral Health Alliance

Local Coalition Contacts

Greater Tampa Bay Oral Health Coalition

Hillsborough County Oral Health Coalition

Indian River County Oral Health Coalition

Smiles for Lake County Oral Health Coalition

Miami Oral Health Coalition

Palm Beach County Oral Health Coalition

Pinellas County Oral Health Coalition

Rural Oral Health Coalition of North Central Florida


Professional Associations

Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Florida Association of Community Health Centers

Florida Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

Florida Board of Dentistry

Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Florida Dental Association

Florida Dental Hygiene Association



Florida’s Burden of Oral Disease Surveillance Report (2016)

Florida Department of Public Health, Public Dental Health Program

Florida Fluoridation

Florida’s Oral Health Care System (Fact Sheet)

Florida’s Roadmap for Oral Health

Oral Health Status and Chronic Conditions Among Older Adults in Florida (2017)

Oral Health Status of Florida’s Early Head Start & Head Start Children (2014-15)

Oral Health Status of Florida’s Older Adult Population (2015-16)

Oral Health Status of Florida’s Third Grade Children (2013-14)

Selling Sunny Smiles Across Florida (School-based sealants)

Workforce Survey of Dental Hygienists (2015-16)

Workforce Survey of Dentists (2015-16)